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Leading Digital Transformation for Over 60 Years

Since 1962, Telectronic Systems Inc. (TSI) has been creating and providing innovative communication and technology services, offering a range of digital Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firsts.

Counted among TSI’s achievements include the past stewardship of Retelco, Philippine Telegraph and Telephone (PT&T), Capwire (CWI), and Pocketbell (PWI). TSI has taken these companies from start-ups to technology and category leaders.

Our Core Values

Our core values embody the essence of who we are – a customer-focused team of experts dedicated to creating amazing experiences. We believe in being honest, innovative, and adaptable, constantly seeking better ways to serve you. We work in harmony, respecting each other and taking ownership of our actions to ensure the best outcomes. We aim to deliver not just exceptional service, but also a delightful journey with us.

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We're here, ready to assist and empower you through every step of your journey.

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We offer flexible packages designed to meet your unique needs.

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Our dedicated team of certified professionals is committed to providing you with the highest standard of service and expertise.

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