Your Secret To A More Reliable Next Level Network

              First-of-its-kind enterprise connectivity

In partnership with leading local and international technology companies, we build dependable business and client networks for small to large organizations the right way- combining best-of-breed technology and fully redundant lines into a single high available and unbreakable managed net service.

More than internet access, we offer a premium foundation of unbreakable internet,  support in-depth, and advanced features that will give your organization the needed boost to not just use the internet but maximize on-line activities, improve IT returns, and sharpen productivity.

bedoo Hyperwan can improve internet access using any medium, from fiber to wireless.

Utilizing a multi-line best-of-breed approach, we can work with you to:

  • Reduce internet outages with an improved service level
  • Boost online application performance or routing
  • Simplify deployments and network management for new sites
  • Reduce costs and complexity by replacing older and costlier unreliable access

With our proprietary software-defined wan (bedoo hyperwanand our partnerships with various major access providers, We deliver your business a service platform designed to withstand most singular points of failure and unexpected downtime.

Not only that, but it’ll help you get up and running faster. With bedoo, you can give yourself a chance to withstand outages that would normally bring your productivity to a halt.

We do not just enhance access fundamentals; we monitor and work in partnership with you to improve performance over time. This can include utilization reviews, analysis, plus so much more.


Integrated Plugin Network Security

 Plugin Safety and Productivity

We offer a best-in-class security services plugin as part of its complete mission-critical approach.

Access reliability should go hand in hand with the peace of mind that every business owner deserves, knowing that your organization’s information is safe and secure.



Keep network threats at bay with our integrated network service:

  • Protect against malware, exploits, and malicious websites in both encrypted and non-encrypted traffic.
  • Prevent and detect  known attacks using continuous threat intelligence from AI-powered security services 
  • Proactively blocks unknown, sophisticated attacks in real-time
  • Identify thousands of applications inside network traffic for deep inspection and granular policy enforcement

With our innovative security services, you can gain confidence in your business’ defense against online threats and vulnerabilities:

  • Ensure that all your business access points are covered and protected with essential network security tools.
  • Enable a unified security policy across your network and be notified when threats arise.
  • Save CAPEX and investment into appliances with limited life cycles.


Mission Enabling Technology Services

Unique MIT-ISP Fusion To Support, Simplify, And Complete Objectives

Our managed network monitoring services can help track your network performance and provide key data points for short and long term improvement.

Through our Managed IT and ISP support, we offer more comprehensive planning, problem-solving, and smarter, more efficient issue resolution.

Our integration project services offer a strong starting point for first-time network implementation, upgrade, or migration. We can assist you to:

  • Adapt to rapidly changing network needs
  • Solve key bottlenecks or recurring issues
  • Tackle network growth or development concern.

How bedoo saves you money and improves IT returns.

Many small and medium-sized organizations only look at one or two different dimensions of the cost related to their network or internet usage – and that’s a downfall. For businesses that do this, they often rely far too much on one feature or service, like speed or price. Ultimately, this forces them to make the wrong decision, equating speed with improved results or a low price with better value. The reality is that truly staying ahead of the challenges in the IT world can be expensive and complex.


bedoo saves businesses money by removing misleading choices. We provide organizations with what they need to succeed by answering their production problems seamlessly. We provide better reliability and internet connectivity, which provides increased value throughout your processes. Beyond reliability, we offer an agile service platform and expert support to better help our clients adapt to challenges and growth.


When workers and staff can communicate and collaborate freely without problems related to IT and the network, production rises. We deliver premium service levels at a fraction of alternate provider costs. Our all-in-one platform combination of unbreakable internet connectivity, advanced security, and unrivaled support remains value-driven for businesses all the way through.


It’s time to make your business the best it can be with a balance of features that support your needs at the right time, and with the right value.